Friday, November 18, 2005

The last song of dusk - Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

This book had been in my collection since the day it was published, lying unread.

So many times I desired to read it, but everytime I picked it up, something more interesting, or something with higher priority came up. Finally, at last I started yesterday.

and Lo & behold, as the first chapter itself, started unwinding itself, the beauty of the linguistic parameters brought me to the new world of colour and sensuality.

Author has successfully derived the passions involved with color, material and soul. He has taken utmost care to bring, and make the reader imagine the soothing pleasure of imagination.

I shall be continuing the book to finish it off this weekend and then shall be able to give you the full review.

Till then here are few beautiful lines quoted from it for your reading pleasure.

"Mrs Patwardhan's large, oval eyes, the hue of liquid soot, misted over and shut them with gracious restraint. At that moment, young Anuradha decided that her mother never looked lovelier: robed in a cobalt blue sari with gold-leaf border, she was a woman of altitude although not imposing, slim but with pertinent parts of biology eye catching endowed, and a certain gift of Song that was, to say the least, legend in Udaipur."
"Mrs Patwardhan was standing on the last step of the marble portico, erect as an obelisk but with the grace of a swan, the silken pallo of her sari drawn over her head: a sigh of sartorial grace."
"A Man is like a carpet: lay them once, and you can walk on them for the rest of your life."

Anyhow more shall come from this book later.

There is something I shall reveal in here. I had been observing it from a long time since I started reading and collecting book seriously.

All the books which I had bought and read, had been bought or read over sudden gesture made by my instincts. It always seemed that every book reading has always made some changes or revealed some hidden secrets in the design of my Universe.

What I am trying to say in here is that, though I read for my pleasure, there always had been some greater design involved behind that.

Let me see what's in there this time?


  1. Where are you... No posts for such a long time!!!
    Come on get away from that book for 10 mins and write something....
    a lots of ppl are waiting...