Monday, November 07, 2005

Tagging for Twenty Things - As If I Care..!

Tagging for Twenty Things - As If I Care..!

Zarine tagged me !! So here am I... 20 things about me :)

1. It's been a long since I had a sound sleep.

2. I smile a lot and ppl recognize me for that.

3. "Coz of the comic approach I am never serious towards life", this is the mis-conception ppl have about me...I am too much serious :( he he he :)

4. I am excellent cook. Hold very fine culinary skills. I can cook any of the north indian cusine. I cook stories as well.

5. I cooked a "FULL Fledged Love Triangle" - with attempt of suicide to get the very First Leave from my very first JOB. Ppl still amuse on it.

6. I try not to loose temper but Stupidity is something which I cannot stand with.

7. Being a taurian, I am bull-headed and a good example of a Taurian.

8. I spend too much time in Risk Analysis & Management for each and every facet in my life...Like they said in One of the Bond movie "Always have an escape" - so Hirdu always has a escape routine and Risk Mgmt plan.

9. Ppl rarely find me out of words :)

10. I am afriad of three things/phenomenons - loneliness, helplessness, Curse

11. I am at war with LORD, I know him, thus I donot believe in him.

12. I have proved on n number of times "Whenever in doubt, talk finance"

13. Though I am not superstitious, but ya I am afraid of this number :)

14. I do believe in omens and have my own list.

15. I donot believe in Ghosts, I am just afraid of them.

16. Now a day I use "All that stuff" too many times in my lingo.

17. I invented most of the jargon for my group and captured different styles of conversation.

18. I have never been gifted.

19. There never had been a chance that ppl have met me and are not able to recall me on next meeting even if its after years.

20. I wanna die young.

So now the tag is being removed out of me...

Lets see on whom to place it now...

1. Aastha
2. BoldandBeautiful
3. Akruti
4. NEetie
5. Debalina

Chalo phir...let the tag move around...i think its hight time I shud invent my own ... :)