Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Paradise Lost :: Hugs & Kisses

So what and where is this Paradise, which has been lost now ? What it is composed of ? and how are Hugs and kisses related to it....

Well folks, this Paradise is of Friendship, Frankness is the molecule that identifies it, Trust & reliability is the sole foundation of it.

From past few months, I was observing that the "Frankness" - the very molecule is eroding, and now its been eroded to the point that I feel sad to say "Paradise Lost".

First I thought let it be like this, let this Paradise be lost and forgetten forever. But then there exist; the wrong way, the right way and the Hirdu's way of doing things and approaching life and in Hirdu's way, "We Never Lose !", so here I am making efforts again to bring in back the lost frankness, to bring trust back to where it belongs to, where its treasured as most precious and priceless asset - "Our Hearts".

This is where "Hugs and Kisses" comes to picture. Tommorow, People shall be celebrating "Thanks giving day" and We shall start our "Jhappi & Pappi affair" - i.e the "Hugs and kisses" Phenomenon.

So folks, spend few moments, analyse, and verify among yourself, if it's the "Frankness and Trust" which is missing in your Friend Circle, if it's not from your side, and might be from your buddy's side. Take it easy, pal. Go ahead, Hug or kiss him/her (Whatever is feasible !! :) )

If they are far, shoot accross a Mail, a phone call, a sms, an e-card, or write a letter today. This time the onus is on you. Just do it.

There is nothing worse then loosing a buddy, just coz of loss of frankness and lazyness in approaching him.

The loss might not affect right now, but some day it shall and that day you might not have anywhere to return back. So folks before it goes out anybodies control, hold onto it and hold it very tightly.

!! Go Give or Send a Hug today !! Send in kisses and smoothen all the differences or misunderstandings. The loss might not be affecting you, but it might be affecting you buddy.

So for the pious and unparallel phenomenon of Friendship "Approach", move forward, shed your Ego, and come out.

Be confident on my confidence, "Thy shall never regret it"

I am writing this post coz after "List Unlisted", a friend called me up yesternight and we talked for around 2 hours to nail down the coz of unhappiness. We finally found out the reason and though yesternight I was of the opinion that I wont make any effort, but then as I already said, "This is not the Hirdu's way". "Hirdu's way" is to go out with open arms and make life happen.

and buddy this is for you. I know thy shall say, "Ye hui na Hirdu wali baat" to phir shuroo ho jayo...

Send in hugs and kisses... People are waiting..."Build in the lost trust again and repoen the channels of thy heart for frankness" and withing few moments thy shall start feeling that "Paradise is regained."


  1. So i guess the List is back online :)
    Now guys this chap is really making a lots of efforts to bring and keep us all together.. let us all get together and make our own share of efforts along with him...
    Having said this Hirdu....
    How do i subscribe myself??

  2. Nopes dear...those lists are deleted forever....and so are the contacts :)