Saturday, November 12, 2005

!! My Book Shelf !!

It shall definitely start from the list of comics and then all shall be in random order as they are in my shelf.

I have almost One third of my collection with me, which is a roaming collection and rest all are kept at home... :) they all are too much to carry along :)

Very few (4-5) of these are almost always with me. They are kinda lucky books for me :)

1. Calvin & Hobbes -The days are just packed.
2. Calvin & Hobbes -Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
3. Calvin & Hobbes -Sunday Pages 1985 - 1995
4. Calvin & Hobbes -It’s a Magical world
5. Calvin & Hobbes -There’s treasure everywhere
6. Calvin & Hobbes -Lazy Sunday book
7. Calvin & Hobbes -Yukon Ho!
8. Calvin & Hobbes -The revenge of the baby sat.
9. Calvin & Hobbes -Scientific Progress goes "boink".
10. Calvin & Hobbes -Attack of the Deranged Mutant killer Monster SNOW GOONS.
11. Calvin & Hobbes -Wierdos from Another planet.
12. Dilbert - I’m not Anti business I’m anti Idiot.
13. Dilbert -All dressed down and nowhere to go.
14. The Dilbert Future.
15. The Dilbert Principle.
16. Garfield Classics Volume 5.
17. Tinkle Digest 1.
18. Tinkle Digest 2
19. Tinkle Digest 3.
20. Tinkle Digest 4.
21. Tinkle Digest 10.
22. Tinkle Digest 17.
23. Tinkle Digest 23.
24. The Code book -Simon Singh
25. In Code -Sarah Flannery.
26. The time traveler’s wife -Audery Niffenegger
27. Snapshots from hell -Peter Robinson.
28. How would you move Mount Fuji?
29. The true story of Hansel & Gretel -Louise Murphy.
30. Who Moved my Cheese?
31. The One minute Manager.
32. 3 -Julie Hilden
33. The Oracle Book -Answers to life’s questions. -Georgia Routsis Savas.
34. Rich Dad Poor Dad.
35. Jeffery Archer -Sons of Fortune.
36. John Grisham -The summons
37. Prey -Michael Crichton
38. John Grisham -The Partner
39. Kate Walker -Fiancee By Mistake (Mills and Boon) ?
40. Paulo Coelho -The Alchemist.
41. Paulo Coelho -Eleven Minutes
42. Paulo Coelho -Veronika decides to die
43. Paulo Coelho -The fifth Mountain
44. Paulo Coelho -By the river Piedra I sat down and wept.
45. Paulo Coelho -Manual of the warrior of light.
46. Paulo Coelho -The devil and Miss Prym.
47. Who will cry when you die? -Robin S. Sharma.
48. The monk who sold his Ferrari. -Robin S. Sharma.
49. The Last song of dusk -Siddharth Dhanvant Shangvi.
50. The ending of time -J. Krishnamurti & Dr. David Bohm.
51. Raju C.k -The Eleven Pictures of time.
52. iCon -Steve Jobs -The greatest second act in the History of Business.
53. Meet you in Hell -Standiford.
54. The world is Flat -Thomas L. Friedman.
55. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
56. Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secret.
57. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
58. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
59. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
60. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
61. Arthur C Clarke -Rendezvous with Rama.
62. Arthur C Clarke -Rama II
63. Arthur C Clarke -The Garden of Rama
64. Arthur C Clarke -Rama Revealed.
65. Dan Brown -The Da Vinci Code
66. Dan Brown -Digital Fortress
67. Dan Brown -Deception Point
68. Dan Brown -Angels & Demons
69. Chetan Bhagat -Five Point Someone.
70. Chetan Bhagat -One night@call center.
71. Sun Tzu -Art of War
72. Mitnik -The art of deception
73. Mitnik -The art of Intrusion
74. Robert Greene -The art of Seduction
75. Robert Greene -48 laws of Power
76. Sawyer -The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China
77. Guts! -Kevin and Jackie Freiberg.
78. Curtin -Brute Force
79. Douglous Adams -The hitchhiker’s guide to Galaxy
80. O Henry -100 Selected stories.
81. Women in love -D.H Lawrence.
82. Tolstoy -War and Peace
83. Tolstoy -Anna Karenina
84. Catch 22 -Joseph Heller
85. Ruskin Bond -Collected Fiction.
86. Atlas Shrugged -Ayn Rand
87. The Fountainhead -Ayn Rand
88. V.S Naipaul -A house for Mr. Biswas
89. Dare to Dream -A life of M.S. Oberoi
90. Business Maharajas.
91. A Double Life -Alyque Padamsee
92. Don’t say "Yes" when you want to say "No".
93. The God of small things -A. Roy.
94. My Experiments with truth -M.K Gandhi
95. Christopher Hibbert -The Great Mutiny
96. Freedom at Midnight.
97. The discovery of India
98. Nehru -An Autobiography
99. Nehru -Glimpses of World History.
100. Mein Kampf -Adolf Hitler
101. Dragon Strike -Humphrey Hawksley & Simon Holberton
102. Observation from the bar "Aerobleu" -Leslie Ann Nash
103. Skyscrapers -A history of the world’s famous and important skyscrapers -Judith Dupre
104. I am OK, You are OK.
105. Nationalism -Rabindra Nath Tagore.
106. Madhushala -Harivanshrai Bacchan
107. Suraj ka Satwan Ghoda -Dharamvir Bharti
108. Gunahon ka Devta -Dharamvir Bharti
109. Chaudheh Fere -Shivani
110. Krishnaveni -Shivani
111. Surangama -Shivani
112. Bhagwat Geeta
113. Bandhan -Mahasamar I -Narender Kohli
114. Adhikar -Mahasamar II -Narender Kohli
115. Karma -Mahasamar III -Narender Kohli
116. Dharma -Mahasamar IV -Narender Kohli
117. Antaraal -Mahasamar V -Narender Kohli
118. Pratyaksh -Mahasamar VI -Narender Kohli
119. Prachann -Mahasamar VII -Narender Kohli
120. Nirbandh -Mahasamar VIII -Narender Kohli
121. Abhyudhey -Ramayan I -Narender Kohli
122. Abhyudhey -Ramayan II -Narender Kohli
123. Mritunjay (Story of Karna) -Shivaji Sawant
124. Yugandhar (Story of Krishna) -Shivaji Sawant

Now I am waiting for a consignment from Indiatimes having 7 other "Gyan Peeth Award winner" novels translated in Hindi and collection of Archies Comics ? and then people say I am Greedy! ?.

Anyhow apart from these once I had my own collection of "Debonair, Fantasy and Playboy" which was acceptably huge to manage, thus it now stands donated ?.


  1. Wow too good a collection..

    Hirdu, give me some tips how u keep all the books with u..

    I have a problem, My friends Borrow the books once I complete reading & never return..

    Some even declare, I liked it I am not gonna give u back, if u want buy new for urself again.. I am really pissed off with such people..

  2. "Never say "yes", when you wanna say "NO"

    Well, this is one of the humble collection, which is possible by humbly denying all the request to lend books :)

    I have seen much bigger collections, One of my friend and his father both were collectors and they had books everywhere in their house, at least one wall of each room had one bookshelf in the wall (even bathroom and kitchen).

    Anyhow the solution is, whenever somebody asks you for a book to be lended, simple deny them and say You donot lend books. Your conversation shall be something like this :) (Mine are usually like this)
    FF(Fraud Friend) - You have XYZ book, Can you lend me ?
    Hirdu: Nopes !!
    FF : Why ?
    Hirdu: Coz I donot lend books to other ppl.
    FF: Why ? I won't eat it or sth.
    Hirdu: Well Thy shall make marks on the books, or might accidently tear it or in worst case I shall forget to ask you to return it and on your own thy shall never retun it...
    (At this point either your FF shall Back off or might continue like this)

    FF: No No !! I shall return it definately...
    Hirdu: But you won't keep it with like I keep it and I might need the book any time.

    FF: Arre !! Its seems you keep books like some precious stuff..

    Hirdu: Ya, I do !! BTW y don't you buy it from Galgotia, or Knowledge store, or indiatimes, or firstand second, or bookworm (whichever place comes to my mind :)

    (After so much of Haggle and daggle either FF will now back off and then never ask or shall continue)

    FF: Actually I wanna read few pages, and then think of buying...

    (Now if you really have to lend !!)

    Hirdu: okay when shall you return it for sure !!

    Take the date on which FF shall retun, which should be not more then 7-14 days in any case, and as the date passes, start sending daily reminder by phone, mail for the return. Even you can forget to bring the book for them, simply say "Oops I forgot to bring it?"

    If Ppl are visiting your place and then taking it, you can have whole discussion at your place too..

    Make sure you get the book back...Its not about money spent in book its about the effort one spends in finding and then buying and then keeping it safe.

    "Be Cruel, for those who donot return...", I am sure you will be much happier.

    Start today make a list of all those who have taken your books and send them reminders to return ASAP, coz you need them.

    I feel really annoyed when I wanna read a book and its been lended to somebdy else. and he/she is just forgeting to bring it back.

  3. quite a nice collection :-) No wonder you find it difficult to keep it with you.

  4. Thanks for the Advice..

    But dont u think it is difficult to use this rule on ur colleagues & friends..

    Some pity condition is I bought twice same book..

  5. [TCP] - ya it is :) But life's like that :)

    [BnB] - No, it's easy with them. This is one of denials which you can do at yr will, and increase yr self esteem. Sth which is yrs and you donot wanna share or give, you have full right to deny access to it to anybody, just by saying "No".

    Once a collegue asked me a book arguing, that since I am not using it, why should there be a problem in lending it him, I replied, Though I might not be having Sex with my GF over the weekend doesnot mean that I shall send her across to him.

    At least for the books I am cruel, rude, arrogant...whatever ppl say I accept. It takes a really huge effort on my part to find, buy and manage them, so they cannot be anybody's easy delight.

    Furthermore, I do share some of the books with some of the ppl who care to return on time, but then to give or not to give is my choice.

  6. :) smilezzz u r rite buddy..

    *********Though I might not be having Sex with my GF over the weekend doesnot mean that I shall send her across to him.

    lololllllllll.. thats it..

    U mean one should be possessive about the book collection. I got it..

    hehehe here I will give a choice to borrower.. If u wanna u can have my boy friend.. NOt my books..

  7. hey now it time to display ur closet..
    hehehe I mean now a new post dude..

  8. Hey! i need Mahasamar all 8 volumes. Is it possible to get it?

  9. hey man add a few books
    lord of the rings
    and eragon eldest and brisingr
    very good books and at any way, they r better than harry potter