Friday, November 25, 2005

Krishnakali, chaya mat choona mun, Prem Na baadi upjey

Three Hindi novels, Gyan Peeth award winners, all were wrapped in love,narated beautifully with colors of human emotions.

Finished these three in last three nights and ppl in office were amazed why am I senti all the time. I had nothing to tell them about. Each story created another vacuole near to my heart and led me to think again about my relationships and life.

Krishnakali (The black bud - Name of a Girl Child in Hindi) - Shivani wrote it and it was a instant hit in hindi literary circles. - was about a girl whose real mother and father were suffering from leprosy, a prostitute took care of her from childhood till she finishes college and after that she was on her own. Left home in search of true love, but then love has another fate for on...dies in the last.

Prem na baadi Upjey (Love cannot be grown in Garden) - Ultimate classical presentation, The author has used similar style as I use sometimes in my senti stories. Collected all the senti stuff from the global happenings in the field of love, care and passion, combined them together in the life of few charaters and then illustrated the whole story, as being narated in streams of time.

Chaya Mat Choona Mun - (Don not let the soul touch the Shadow) - Again a love story, surrounded by the troubles in life of a young girl who suffers through out her life & dies coz of Cancer in the lap of her beloved in last few pages. The author has illustrated the initial story well but then he has winded up the story very fast in the last few pages...He could have used more Seti stuff and holded the story a little longer...

anyhow...tonight is booked with "The last Song of dusk" finally...There are so many "Archie comics to be finished, and some Asterix are also there.

Let's see what's there in the week end for me ....

Tomorrow its "Harry Potter" time and another hindi flick :)

So folks celebrate this weekend like never before...This is "Thanx Giving Weekend"


  1. Do not miss HP-GOF it is simply out of this world!!

  2. ive is waqt like 12 books to read nd i just cant finish one:)
    ve u read alchemist?

  3. [VKM] - I never Miss :)

    [Aastha] - very Very thanx hai jee :)

    [Unaiza Nasim] - Gud....Read the lightening speed...put up the earphones with gud music or just play remix or fast music in the room, have some coffee and blow them hard... :)

    Yups I the alchemist and believe in beginner's luck