Friday, November 11, 2005

!! Farishton ko bhi kab naseeb hoti hai Zindagi !!

Though "Jalta" tha Badan, but still prepared, my favourite khichdi (of Black urad dal with ginger) and boiled milk for myself. Though I love cooking but still, cooking for just oneself is literally an insult for "Maa Annapoorna" - the Goddess of Art of Cooking.

Anyhow this we shall discuss that sometime later, Here is what was accomplished in the night thereon.

Started the DVD on Lappy. It took me few minutes to decide this time what movie to watch. Options were too many, but the one the drive had "Life is beautiful", "Sense and Sensibility", "A walk in the clouds", "City of angels".

Anyhow I started "A walk in the clouds".

A Hindi movie, I forgot the name, was a remake of this movie. Well, anyhow, Beherhaal, this English original is fantastic. The emotions, the passions, the theories, the assumptions, the answers, the quickies and characters are beyond doubt wonderful. As they say the beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, the same goes for the joy to enjoy and appreciate the movie lies in the eyes of the audience.

Anyhow then started calling up the friends and within an hour realized that there is nobody whom I wanna talk to or nobody who wanna talk to me. People are far more busy in settling there life than I am. Everybody is out there just in hope to get benefits out of me {Cynicism prevails again :( }.

There I turned back, I turned back to myself, and I am not lonely this time.

I am happy to know that though I am only, but I am not lonely this time.

Movie is about to finish, with the burning of a vineyard in the end but there are lessons learnt, a new truth is here and it’s about to stay this time.

And then I started "City of Angels".The movie is running - But it’s forcing me to accept once again that, Life is Beautiful and thus and only thus it’s meant to be lived with your loved ones.

2 Posts back I said, "I wanna die young", I am taking it back, I shall be living longer, much longer, shall be much more alive, for myself, for those who care for me and for those for whom I CARE.

Yun he nahin bus jaate Sheher ke sheher,
Yun he nahin thum tofaano ke kadam,
Yun he nahin sikha deti tanhayiyan jeena,

Ye Maut ka farishta hai jo rakhta hai haath,
Mere Kandhe per aur kehta hai, "tu bahut khush-naseeb hai".
"Farishton ko bhi kab naseeb hoti hai Zindagi"

English Translation:
It doesn't take a while to enliven cities after cities,
It doesn't take a while to stop the advancing hurricanes,
It doesn't take a while for loneliness to teach living life,

It's the Angel of Death, who keeps his hand,
On my shoulder and says," You are heck of a lucky guy",
"Coz Even Angels do not have life !"

So folks aaj jee bher ke jiyo, isliye nahin ki Shayad kal ho na ho, per isliye ki ye Aaj hai.

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