Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Attending a Friend's wedding or the funeral of your friendship

Title itself is bit ghosty, it's best friend's wedding or the funeral of the friendship. Well, folks to be honest, the wedding might bring in all the joy and happiness or "and then they lived happily ever after" feel in thy friend's life, but then you should also mark that day as the day of loss of frankness and spontinity involved in thy own relationship.

How & Why ?

Well here it is for your reading pleasure...

All of a sudden, all shall change,

  • to whom you can look upon even in the middle of the night - thy shall think twice to even forward that funny sms even at noon.
  • with whom you kept on chatting on yahoo - shall login with his wife's account and thy can't even jigjag about anybody.
  • in whose house, thy simply use to walkin and use to open the fridge - shall ring the bell, shall get seated, and then sheepishly ask for a glass of water.
  • who was available right there, to enter into any movie hall at any point of time - now suddenly has to think of ways keeping his wife busy over the weekend.
  • with whom you never have given a second thought in saying anything blue under the sun - shall look here and there, and half the time you won't inittiate that kinda talk even if spouse is not present.
  • who shall travel across thousands of km jus to have a peg of whisky and to have few cigs with you - shall now calculate the travel costs and shall be too mature to involve in felony like of the kind.
  • who has no difference in having a Chapo (chai Pakoda) at any dhaba at any point of time or having 7 course dinner at "The Taj" - shall now won't be able to join you coz he had a emergency call or prove you that it's too cheeky.
  • the talks which use to begin with your own formulated lingo - shall now be sugar dipped and shall include the phrases like,"hmmmm...what else...?"
  • who were delighted to receive N number of Pondy pics and mails from you or shall send you - shall now be too religious and you might even get a formal mail to stop sending junk mails to the id coz its monitored.
  • the one who use to babble with cash in his wallet to be spent in treats or spending an evening - shall now be telling you about economics involved in the wonders of marriage.
All of a sudden, the immense change in the way guy receives you at his premises, or greets you when he meets you accross the road, amuses you, if He is the same guy.

Anyhow whatever happens and whichever way it turns, attend and enjoy thy friend's wedding, coz those are the moments thy shall remember forever.

May be some day I shall also understand the fact that "The friend is not only your friend anymore...he is now a hubby to lady, a would be father...there are lot many respos and despo stuff happening round him"

So folks attend the wedding and forget thy friendship.. Here is TODO list

  • Give your friend a chance and time for his married life.
  • Keep your damn nose out of there privacy.
  • Donot interfare or keep on giving suggesstions untill your friend make you believe that he needs one.
  • Do not interfare in your Friend's wife's Kitchen.
  • Do not suggest the color of the drapes.
  • Do not roam around with them in Market.
  • Do not plan a trip with a couple when the trip do not have any bachelor company.
  • Do not fall for a weekend movie plan with the couple.
  • Do not talk about past life or office life of your friend in front of his spouse.
  • Do not try to impose that ice-cream after coffee and other vague combination.

The only gud thing is sit in solitude, watch movies and keep blogging... :) and enjoy being bachelor....


  1. hmmm.. It is so true..

    I always think why should one change thier way after marraige. Sun used to shine before & there after too.. Big Y the Human change..

    I agreee the responsibility, etc etc.. But still there is U, same U who like to have some fun as the way one is bachealor. Don't you?

    Even my best friend is getting married so I know relation will soon change..

  2. [BnB] - Ya its pretty much true...and one cannot do much about it....The only way out is to find happiness in solitude... :)

  3. That's why people say
    "Shaadi kar lo zindgi aaram se kat jaayegi".