Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bookie Taggie! - As If I Care..!

Bookie Taggie! - As If I Care..!

Some how I missed this was going through technorati for my own reference, i found this ...well its quite simple so I shall untag myself asap...somehowthis tag is makes me feel gud

No. Of Books I own - More than cost is more than Rs. 50,000/- when I calculated last.

Last 5 books I bought- Calvin & Hobbes (completed my collection, bought all the missing ones), One night@call center, Tinkle, Meet you in Hell, Yugandher+Mrityunjay

5 Books that mean something - Calvin & Hobbes Series, 48 laws of Power, Mahasamar(collection in thick 8 Volumes about Mahabharat), Guts, How would you move Mount Fiji ?

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  1. I have removed my tag hehe
    Same pinch, even I was down with cold * cough hue.