Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What's cooking ?

So folks this is my make shift kitchen. The proper kitchen in left to it. That day the switch board in the kitchen was not working properly...

The Indian cooking is always colourful, Red tomatoes, Purple Onions, White/creamy potatoes and colorful spices and then there is some giner also, cutting board and Induction Plate completes the picture.

I was cooking Bari-aloo that day. One of the Escape dish in North Indian Kitchen, if you cannot make up your mind on what to cook,

This is my humble collection of utensils :)

Most of it is unused yet. I am making all efforts to do a reasonable use of all this is stuff.

Well there are 6 Full Thalis, 6 half plates, 6 small bowl, 4 serving bowls, 2 Futura Vessels, 1 Hawkins Ventura and several other stuff to make cooking easier.

Actually, I am making efforts for a house warming party to happen coming weekend. Let's see what happens and how ?

Steps in Parantha Preperation :)

Took too much time yesterday to attain the perfect round shape and have a brilliant stuff :)

The final ...ready to serve hot with Tea and Achaar. :)


  1. Alle Wah!!!

    Tumne paranth tau kaafi sahi banya hai, aur tumne mujhe invite nahin kiya hai house warming party ke liye, not good not good. Chalo koi nahin is baar tum dilli aaoge tau tumko poora mauka denge prove karne ka ki tumne hi picture vala parantha banya hai, itna gol aur itna fundu... abhi bhi bata do kahin se copy tau nahin mara hai :)

  2. I think HIRDU is very biased when responding to others!!! He is just another human, God Bless Him.

    I never understand, why there is expection when u are supposed to not expect.

    I am still learning from LIFE.