Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is the way, this is ..

Its been more then 30 hours since I have slept, signs of fatigue are dancing with glamour over my face, but I ama still standing, I am standing just to hold on a little more to break this vicious cycle. I am standing jus to break this monotony of waking up late and never watching the sunrise, coz I have slept late.

I am now shedding of that lazyness, I am shedding of all the tensions about future tense, coz Past is particle ( :) ) and its the present which is supposed to be Present Perfect and then only the future which shall be present someday shall be perfect again.

(I donnot how many got this presnt past and future stuff...Read it again and thy shall spin right through it.)

This is the first step of winning towards myself back. I was loosing too much time in sleeping and then not getting the things done my way, or giving any chance to my instincts to suck up any pleasures on the way. I know tonight I shall sleep like a baby, without any though about being awake.

Even after around 30 hours, its only the eyes which are paining, the muscles around them are the ones which are aching, the eyelids wanna close themselves forever as if they are the only ones who are fatigued.

The joys and sorrow both were redefined yesternight. Joy in still being able to find that people still exist who call up to consult, whom I can call to revive enthusiasm and confidence. Sorrow for being at receiving end when I find nobody who can gimme my insight to handle affairs.

Let's see where ME Belongs :)


  1. hahaha Hirdu seems toFollow Gandhism..

    Early to rise, Early to bed
    Make man, healthy, wealthy & wise..

    But my day starts only during mid night.. I am a night owl..

    Yesterday is past, tomorrow is future (yet to come)
    Only today is ours so it is called the present (A gift of God)

  2. he he he ....lekin koi fayada nahin hua...aaj phir 9:30 so ker utha :((