Wednesday, June 01, 2005

!! Give life a Chance !!

Was reading lot of blogs and hearing lot of stuff over the long weekend. One phenomenon was common, very few people I found were ready to give life a chance. Almost all seem to have entangled so much in the WEB of aspiration, expectation, glory, hatred, loss, theoritical loss around them that I doubt if they are living the purpose of being alive....

So folks Here I request you all, take a break, run out of office , home etc. come out, respire...GIVE LIFE A CHANCE.

Thy all are the torch bearers of our species, donot let despair and sorrow overcome thy own soul. Soul is not some piece of rough paper which shall go down the dustbin or sth. Life is to be lived.

Here is the receipe of feeling content today. This is DOITTODAY list.
  1. Wake up early morning, prepare for yourself a strong meethi (double the sugar you normally take) TEA.
  2. Drink it while you browse through the Horoscope of the Day preferably the Bejan Daruwala stuff :) (Incase sbdy wanna know why bejan, I shall it in comments)
  3. Once Tea is over, then rush to have a bath, Key here is "RUSH" not the bath. so rush.
  4. Be there in the shower, and sing along, again the key here is SING not how, what, why. Preferable songs
    1. For Guys: Jab bhi koi ladki Dekhon, Mera Dil Deewana Bole, Ole Ole.
    2. For Gals: Mein to aarti utaroon re, Santoshi Mata ki :) ...arre maaro nahin wala nahin gana hai...Thy have to sing..Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali ka, Roop sahaa nahin Jaye...I know its duet, But ya thy shall enjoy singing it.
  5. Come out of the shower and the bathroom ofcourse after drying and wearing some clothes, else there shall be some hue and cry measures against you in home.
  6. Now Lets see how to make right things right. Incase its weekend and you donot have to go to office. Incase its need to inform anybody in office, let them all wondering..Just you do in college...if still in college..this bunk you have to announce as some historic bunk !!
  7. Come out of the house...Do not plan...The key in this receipe is sth like "Calvin Ball"..Changing the final Plan and requirements as soon as they arrive in. Do all on the spot...In case thy wanna know what is Calvin Ball you have read it. (The Revenge of the Baby-Sat)
  8. Now just Roam around on the streets, Have your favourite Ice Cream, have plenty of them...again roam...
  9. Go to any after noon show of any movie...Repeat each Dialogue..loud enough that the person next to you can listen :)
  10. Once you are done...Go for Chaat, gol gappe and all... Remember to do whatever you want to do someday do it today.
Actually, The point I wanna illustrate in up 10 pointer was just to do, to say, to eat, to drink, to feel, to write..TODAY...and do it as if there is no tommorow...and I assure thy all shall feel lighter and shall be able to Give Life a chance....

Arre Nikal Bhaago yahan se...and kahin ghoom ke aayo...kisi ko ghoomaa ke aayo...Kahin kuch khayo..kisi ko kuch khilayo..kisi to topi pehnayo...Kahin khud he bevakoof bun jayo...Aaj he claas bunk karayo...chahe to office mein poore group ke saath movie dekhne jayo, office hours mein bina manager ko bataye...aur office bunk the tradition banayo...aaj he karo kuch shaitaani...Chahe to bachpan ki tereh Padosi ke ghar ke ghanti baza ker bhaag aayo...Patang Udaayo...Achanak se he office mein Full Volume per ek fundoo Bhaangra Song 10 Sec ke liye chalayo...Apne Manager ka Screen saver Password change ker aayo, Ya Uske Desktop per ek Bander (Monkey ki photo lagayo...Arre kuch bhi ker ke aayo..Ya aisa karo...Meri tere Logon ko Gumnaam Chithiyan Likh Daalo...Kissi ko aaj he Dhamki (Threat) do...Kissi ko aaj he "I Love you" likh ke Pink Envelop bhej do...Apni teref se full aish karo...

Arre Kya Ferk Padta hai ki Usne "I love you" nahin kaha...Tum to keh he aayo...Saamne fight hai to roz ek letter bhejo... :) Life mein funde lo...Chahe to Ek Female Collegue ke naam se doosre male Collegue ko and Vice Versa bhej do...(maza tab aaye jab ye office address per aa ajye)....Office mein Gossip Industry News Breaker bun jayo....

The Key is Aish Karo....


  1. now gonna execute few of those :D...and will catch hold of ya if I land in soup :D :D :D

  2. [Zarine] - :) Definately Try some, Even if you land in a soup, make sure its chicken soup, not the hot and sour :) I assure you that if you execute some, thy shall have smile on your face whenever you recall it and thats what really matter.