Friday, June 10, 2005

Bus Gin ke 30 din - 30 days by count

So folks, Bus reh gaye hain 30 Days by Count....Uske baad...Shall catch Singapore Airlines from SFO and shall Land in Chennai on 11th Night...Yahoo0000000 !!!

Just 30 days and then I shall be the almost parallel to Master of my Own Universe....

Song Changes, "Kahin pe Nigahein Kahin pe Nishana..Jeene do zaalim, banayo na deewana..."

I shall be having all days and night packed and in tight schedule once I land in Chennai.

Song Changes "khayi hai humne kasam sung rehne ki, aayega re udke mera hans Pardesi.... :)"

Once travel reports are done, I shall be a free soul and just have to execute "Live Life in a Month-Itenary". Have to meet so many people, attend so many functions, Live the life which i have missed in last 6 months here, so many events have happened in last 6 months, that I have stopped keeping count of surprises.

Song changes "Milo na tum to hum ghabraye, milo to aankh churayein"

I have missed a lot of guys and gals, their talks, their gestures, their smile, their sadness, their lunch, their dinner, their morning pranks, their voices.

Just 30 days and I shall be able to respire in the Air of My own India, I shall be to nag with my own people, I shall be able to smile at & with my own people. The taste shall improve, the vision shall enhance, the presence of Human Touch in me shall improve. I shall be jogging on my own roads, I shall be standing in queue of my own people for lunch and dinner.

I shall be oogling the girls I know and also have the chance of oogling the ones I doono :) all the same. And certainly, gossips shall improve a lot.

Guys and Gals --- Bus aa raha hoon mein, Mera intezar karna...Even if nahin bhi ker rahe ho to bhi koi ferk nahin padta...Hirdu to Hirdu hai....Woh to pahuch he jayega...

Song Changes, "Dhanno ki aankhon mein..."

Once I am there...Sms Spamming in ensured again...Before I came here, Hutch Chennai had Free National SMS for 25/- per guys and gals....I shall be updating sms spam distribution list again. I donno if its free still, but y to care ...!!! 6 Months without a mobile were hell over I shall compensate....Every morning, I use to feel, if I am missing something in my attire and attitude...

Have to catch up with Lots and Lots and Lots of stuff....

It feels, its been so long since I have left....

But at the same time, I must appreciate the experience of being here...I have understood myself better..I have made new ties with new people, was exposed to whole new world full of people and their own methodologies to be alive. I must also appreciate the love, the warmth, the nearness which the bloggers have given me in here.

Song Changes, "Arre Jaane kaise Kab kanha Ikraar ho gaya, Hum sochte he reh gaye aur Pyar Ho gaya"

Bloggers hve even made me to change the style of writing and now the blog is in much better shape. Slowly and slowly its becoming the part of life.

So Folks, no more Sentiyapa ( ;) another word from my dictionary.... hey this gives me an idea of posting my dictionary, my own lingo :)

Next post for the lingo....

Song changes "Dil to hai Dil, Dil ka Aitbaar Kya Keeze"


  1. You might be so excited rit?
    Even I am waiting for my chocolate share.Even my count down starts he he he Get liquor wala choco's;)

  2. Definately, I shall bring a lot of them this time !!