Wednesday, June 15, 2005

!! Compiling Questionaire !!

Actually folks, This list of Questionaire was prepared sometime back and ppl promised that they shall continue to put in more. This list was supposed to be a exhaustive list of question or situations which we guys shall undergo, when we shall be going for the QUEST of a Girl to marry :) . But as you can see the list is still not exhaustive, but ya intensive in few Questions.

On the group where this was incepted is again trying to bring in more questions from both angles, the ones which guys can ask and the ones which guys shall face.

Now the problem is we have ran out of creativity and resources all of a lemme asks blogger to help us out.

One thing more : This is not a original list by me only. Several guys contributed so donot blame me for anything offensive. :), and we have already removed questions like, "Basanti !! Tumhara Naam kya hai !!". We only need a list right now, not a discussion on why or why not :)

Here it goes !!
  1. What are the hobbies ?
  2. What do you do in spare time ?
  3. What about cooking ?
  4. Are you still interested in some guy ?
  5. What if your old flame reappears after marriage ?
  6. How many time have you been engaged in Sexual Intercourse ?
  7. What is your inclination towards Blowjob or Carnal Sex ?
  8. How much are you inclined towards kids ?
  9. Will you believe in, quitting your Job when needed to for the upkeep of family ?
  10. What will you do If you find that I am cheating on you ?
  11. What shall you suggest I should do if I discover you are cheating on me ?
  12. How much compatible do you think you shall be with my Parents ?
  13. What type of person you are looking for in your husband?
  14. Do you prefers to be in joint family or in a separate one?
  15. Willing to relocate to B'lore/Chennai ?
  16. If working with some service companies like Infy, Wipro etc. then how much you are interested in going to US/UK ?
  17. Favourite Actor/Actoress (shall give a idea of interests)
  18. Do you love travelling ?
  19. Who is your best friend at home (mother/father/sister/brother) ?
  20. Can you adjust with me when I am spending lot of time in office ?

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