Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Na jee bhar ke dekhaa, na kuch baat ki

Na jee bhar ke dekhaa, na kuch baat ki, Bari aarzoo thi mulaqaat ki,
Kayee saal se kuch Khabar hi nahin, Kahaan din guzaaraa kahaan raat ki.
- Neither had a look with heart's content, nor said anything, though there was a deep desire of a meeting,
- For several years didn't had any news, of where the days were spent & where the nights were blown.

Some ppl might wonder, "Hirdu is saying this", "The chatterbox of the town", "Oh Shucks Man !! He who changed the way ppl feel, he is not able to say !!!"

Well, these are not only the lyrics of a old hindi song. This is the truth, which not only I have faced but also know of several other guys and gals who also have....

so dear folks !! No matter what happens, never let this condition to arrive when thy have to say the above lyrics for someone very near.

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