Sunday, June 05, 2005

The language of Silence

Must be wondering what the heck is this...well, its the language, I plan to expertise, when I return back to India, I shall be learning sign language...


Donno the reason, but I can tell you how and when I got this idea. yesterday i was coming to meet my friend in Burlingame CA from Santa Clara, as usual took the vta (Light rail) and then Caltrain, in Caltrain there was this young teen with his 2 young sisters and was quite enthutiast, but when I watched a little more, I found out that the guy cannot speak and hear, he was communicating to his mom and sisters by sign language and they were communicating pretty effectively and joy in there talks was quite visible.

then and there I started getting the thoughts of the guys, gals & kids, I have met before who used this lingo, and started feeling that, just coz I don't know this I have missed a whole bunch of entertaining talks with them, I have failed to look the world through there eyes just, coz I donno the language. It used to be pretty diffcult to communicate with them, so i decided that now, I shall make an attempt removing this hurdle.

I was thinking a little further about myself that across the years, I have been exposed to people of different culture, language & ideology and was appreciated for being so seamlessly able to associate with them, beyond the profession boundaries. There were tamils, telugu, malayalam, vietnamese, french, romanians, chinese, japanese, americans, europeans, swedish, ofcourse hamare Jaat bhai, haryanvi, mumbaites, delites et !! :)

so folks another more ... lets see how much I can do ?


  1. ok u'll have to check my blog to find a treasure there. kindda like "treasure hunt" & let me know what u found when u find it:)

    This is quite intersting. I guess it takes a knock on the head to realise that there r ppl besides us with a diferent world to live in. I came across a deaf person in my clinic today. It was sad to see him. Seemed depressed. THere's a dependency on others to communicate things for them. THose born deaf don't even learn to talk. They dont know wat language is so they cant speak.
    I like to learn sign language too. So many blessings we can count watching others.

  2. goodluck in learning the new language:) Expressions of silence:)

  3. [Blackempress] - Hmmm...Shall definately go for it....can you pass on a hint, like trail hunting :)

    [Akruti] - Thanx :)