Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Five point someone - what not to do at IIT, a novel by Chetan Bhagat

Five point someone - what not to do at IIT, a novel by Chetan Bhagat

Ultimate... Fundoo...A 10 Pointer for this guy....Read it folks...Thy shall enjoy it.

A friend of mine bought it on his trip back to US from India. I was at his home on Saturday night and finished it overnight.

I enjoyed it, But I am surprised at the loss of my Comprehension speed. During the days I was preparing for CAT, I reached around 450 Words per minute, Now it seems dwelling around 250.

I started the novel around 11:30 PM in night and finished it at 4:00 AM in the morning.

Went out just for 2 smokes :) and was caught in the second act of smoking by the friend, whom I was telling with pride in the evening" I take only a single cig a day and that too irregularly".

Woh yaaro ab IIT and Engg days yaad aa rahe the to....aur ab to next day aa gaya hai....

For the late comers, I have achieved quit for the addiction, but even now it happnes once in a know reputation... goes before me...

Lemme see whats the average reading speed for you guys and gals. I shall Suggest read it in a single sitting for max joy.


  1. Oh yeah i do agree it is one wonderful read. I read it like couple of months back. Hirdu have you read the Artemis Fowl books?

  2. [GA] - Thanx Man !!

    [GRTC] - Nopes I haven't, After you asked me I have seen the reviews and now added them to my wish list at indiatimes, so as soon as I land in India, I shall be having them at my door step. thanx man for suggesting.

  3. Anytime mate. Just as a passing thought that ,may be, we can develop. We all buy books so lets start buying ebooks and check upon the copy right and distribution issues with it and if we can then host a site from where ppl can download books for free.
    Pour in what u think.