Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pareenita - Wow Kya expression hain

Tonight I am watching "Pareenita", Wow !! What a movie it is....I am almost halfway through it. Expression Classic, Dialogue Simple but great, Smiles Incredible, Visuals Fabulous....

Watch it with heart open !! Thats the way....

The yellowish color which the movie cinematography has imbibed is beyond words...Let's see how the climax moves in....

shall continue with the post....


  1. How did u like the movie? My friend gave a blank response to Pareenita.

  2. [Anamika] - I certainly liked the movie...though I didn't go much with the way the female characters are casted with.

    I think they have done so coz of the timeline they took.

    Now a days I feel the gals have much more voice. Even if some might not be having but they shud.

    The characterisation was perfect. I didn't found a single scene which is extra, everything is just perfect.

  3. Every individual, may be gal or guy should have thier Voice. If you dont raise your voice you are kicked like a Football.

  4. there you are...got the point...go and have a watch...