Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie: Into the Wild

One of the many learning which came from this movie is

“Happiness Only Real, When Shared”

I want to keep myself reminded of it….all the time…

I watched this movie in the cab while commuting to office. It took 3 travels to finish the movie. Today morning when it got over, there were many learned thoughts, reiterated facts, a sense of sorrow on sad ending of the movie (The Protagonist dies…).

In last week I have ample number of movies….I don’t know if it was just a chance or I was destined to see all of these in sequence…

It started with Ironman, and then Just my Luck, followed by Kagaz key Phool and then Dostana in PVR, followed by Dusvedaniya at home, after which came “Into the wild”

With each movie, my thought process has been taken for a ride and suddenly I have started believing more….so guys Keep the Faith….and this brings me to my next post title….

“Living in tough, but in the most interesting times”

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