Monday, January 15, 2007

Stop asking questions

Well, as everybody knows that hirdu is known for his one is something which is coined today ;)

Stop asking questions, they shall ruin your own thinking process. - Hows and whys...well do not ask me...think a bit and thy shall yourself know it....

The suo motto of this thought is to encourage self thought & decision making process, Asking questions and than seeking answers from somebody else, ruins the your own thought process and ability to effectively deduce the deductions which in turn limits your own imagination to analyse.


  1. Questions are also asked to carry out a conversation. You must not forget that.

  2. Well I firmly believe that you should change your motto to "Start asking questions" This is because the whole thought process triggers only by asking questions and seeking for answers. Isnt it? Reinventing the "wheel" does not serves any fruitful purpose. It never has!! Ofcourse one should not solely depend on others for the solution of his every question without even applying his slightest brains but I firmly believe that "original" questions and "original" answers should always be shared. At the same time one should avoid answering the wrong questions!! :-)

  3. [Adnan] - Well, I believe it's a lame way to carry out conversation.

    [Gaurav] - This is where you have mistaken my dear...Reinventing the wheel doesnot serve any purpose is another lame thought by Software Engineers. Even though they firmly believe it, but you shall always see similar queries and same lame hycritic answers everywhere, the best is let the question arrive and get itself resolve on its own in you your thought process. Asking the same to somebody else screws your own deductive intelligence.