Monday, December 19, 2005

!! Singapore Airport !!

One of the finest airport....ultimate huge and so many thing at one roof....or say so many roofs....

I shall describe the airport later...abhi thoda ghoom ke aate hain :)

ab kuch kuch acha feel ho raha hai :) kuch khaate hain and international cig lete hain :)

Chalo phir wapas aa gaye hain hum

Well, when thy are travelling on Companies expense you are bound to enjoy the free lounge facilities, the free shower, internet and of course the free breakfast.

Though somebody somewhere said "There ain't such thing as free lunch", but I say, "There ain't such thing as free lunch, but there is ofcourse a Free Breakfast and a Free dinner"

On Monday evening (PST) when I shall be reaching the grounds, there shall be a total atmosphere of Party Fun and frolic coz "Hirdu hai jahan, Party hoti hai wahan". It ain't neccessary if some festival is there or not, Being together is itself a ocassion to party.

So folks, In India when tuesday shall be ringing morning bells, I shall be moving ahead with more assertive and shrewd design this time.. :) ... The results shall be seen by the world around "Holi time "....


  1. hey have a nice time in CAL.. :)

  2. Yeee Singapore Airport is one of the Finest..

    I like Dubai also...

    FreeLunch Post we read in Fundoooo's blog...(Hehehe, Once things get registered in mind it wont get deleted)

  3. [pallavi] - thanx, so how is life ?

    [BnB] - well, what shud I say !!