Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Masroof zamana Mere liye kyun Waqt Apna Barbad Karey

So why this busy world waste a single moment for me ?

Aakhir kya hai woh jo kachot-ta hai kabhi kabhi mere man ko ye paane ke liye....Ki, kisi ke paas ho waqt sirf mere liye....kya kabhi aisa ho payega....

well anyhow....after this thought...I think do I have time for somebody....i thought for a sec ...and answer is YES...I always had tiume for almost everybody....

It's something that ppl are invovled in themselves that they try to overlook my presence and believe that they can do without me some extent yes they can do without me...but then they loose upon sth ...and this is where my USP lies....

So Dear Zamana ....Though you can as Masroof as you ever want to be....but there is sth which I had always promised for being with me and around me....Its the sense of togetherness and then the joy and happiness that flows in continuam with it....

so be there...more to explain... :) I feel you ppl can complete it with more effect.


  1. But where is the MORE part? i have been waiting.

  2. hey, me bak after a sabbatical ! :)

  3. So why this busy world waste a single moment for me ?

    #$#$##$$Do you have time for some one else

    ******i thought for a sec ...and answer is YES...

    Why do u think Hirdu u are unique in world.. Each one has a feelings like you..

    One cannot expect every one should have a feeling for us.

    Definately in this world there are some people who can have all the time for me & I can have my time to them... I dont feel that I am wasting my time..

    Ek pal ke liye maine kitna din ka intezaar kiya hai Zindhagi me, Muje kabhi mehesoos nahi hua ki maine waqt barbaad ki kar ke.

    So if someone feels for u then they feel bieng with you is blessing not wasting..

    Hirdu Useless people ke liye aap apna time waste matt kiya karo..

  4. [Akruti] - Hope, the wait is over

    [Raheel] - :) I know...

    [Canary] - Cool !! Feel gud to see you donot vanish again...

    [BnB] - Mein aisa kyun hoon...Mein aisa kyun hoon.... :)...Waise whatever you said is correct....But donno why...My Psycho doesnot move this way....

    Waqt bahut tha barbaad karne ke liye, Shayad isliye Kayamat taq intezar kiya tera,