Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well, Famous dialogue from "Salaam Namaste" is what keeping me alive in this cold whether in California :) going for a Vegas Trip over the New year....But that shall come in another post...this post is dedicated to the beautiful, Egg_Jack_Tly Dialogues from "Salaam Namaste"

Listing some of them below (which I remember):
  • Egg_JACK_TLY
  • Wibes, Why the I hate the Indians..Sorry!!....Egg_Jack_TLY....
  • Ghosts of the kicks not listening to the talks
  • How's your husbands ?
  • The nicks
  • Wife working husbands jerking!! :)
  • Mein Gudde-Guddyon se nahin khelta.
  • When in Rome, Do the Romans
That's the way life is dear....Have fun in whatever comes your way...Do not wait for big big happiness or reasons to have joy....With this though only I shall enter the New Year this time...


  1. Do not wait for big big happiness or reasons to have joy----Egg_Jack_TLy u said it right..

    Pal bar ke kushiya hai saari, woh aayegi baari baari --- My best friend always sing this to me..

    He always say to me, big moment in whole life can be 10 to 15.. but there are thousands of other small small events which can bring us joy.

  2. Happy new year in advance..

    Hope this year bring u expected & unexpected happiness & joy :)

  3. first time here.....
    and it feels grt catching your thoughts.......yeah its so true no reason to smile...its come from heart if u make lil clasp the flavour of happiness in small small things is more worth.

    wish u Happy and Prosperous New year

  4. HAppy new year !!!!blogging budz:)
    may happiness b urs today tomorrow nd always!