Friday, December 16, 2005

Ek Ladki Anjani See

Jaane woh kon hai, woh jaane kanha hai.....

Jaane Jaan dhoondta fir raha, hoon tujhe raat din....Mein Yahan se wahan....

So why is Hirdu singing all these songs and have unbelievably high spectrum for Mood Swings :) , well is Hirdu is on the move....He is searching a Gal to Marry....just Single Gal to Marry....

Ads have been published....Response was immense and Na jaane kyun "Iss Dil ko koi yun he bhaata nahin hai...Talaash hai ye bhaari..."

A lot shall be required to be invested in the process of Identifying a Gal, who shall cherish being my Wife :) and it seems a lot of people wanna to see me settle and live happily Everafter.

Shall Continue .....

About how to crack this ....


  1. Wow Hirdu,, I am so excited..
    Andekhi Anjaani Si Pagli Si Deewani Si
    Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

    Chori Se Chupke Chupke Baithi Hai Dil Mein Chupke
    Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re

    Sapno Mein Aane Wali Neende Churane Wali
    Jaane Woh Kaisi Hogi Re...

    Hope U find a soul mate dear.. Very Very Bestest Luck..

  2. once more Good Luck.. Share the Pic. Anyway catch u online buddy..

    bolo tara ra hayo rabba hayo rabba..

  3. [BnB] - Oh My God !! Though I am excited about the begining of the process, but your enthu is superb :)