Saturday, December 24, 2005

!! Chalkayein Jaam Aa-E-Ye Aapki Aankhon ke Naam, Honthon ke Naam !!

As soon as I entered in US, happiness and joy follows around the Globe, world is standing to celebrate Christmas, and a New Year :)....

We are about to welcome another New Year, full of hopes and desires, and leave behind a old year full of sense of achievement, sorrow, delight and other thousand events....

so the theme of this New year Celebrations shall be "Chalkayein Jaam Aa-E-Yee Aapki Aankhon ke Naam" - "Come on, Let's spill some pegs for the beauty of thy eyes, for the pink of your lips"

A very near friend (Nityn) has achieved the desired bracket of being a Million Salary tag from his Campus, akhir MBA hai re ab... Keep it up dear Manager Saheb :)

Another Friend is relishing joy & delight after finally achieving the love of his life :) "Guess Who ?"

One another finally had the revealation of how and whys of Life ? I am happy for him.

and what the heck is Hirdu doing .... Well, He is spilling Pegs in your Name Folks....I am happy coz you all are achieving....

so "Chalkayein Jaam aa-E-Yee aapki Aankhon ke Naam, Honthon ke Naam"

Thy can listen to the song here. Its very first song...

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