Friday, October 07, 2005

!! Let's have a post !!

Jaane kanha gaye woh din, kehte the teri raah mein nazron ko hum bichanyenge...

anyhow...this was the song I was singing today in the past few days so much is happening...

shall give you a brief insight...lets see how much everybody can make out....its sth like my previous post only....

Nashe mein kon nahin hai mujhe batayo jara, kise hai hosh mere saamne to layo jara....

tere aane ki khaber sun ker, humne fir khuda ke darwaze dastak di,
Woh aaker aaj phir muskuraya, aur tu sarhad se he wapas ho gayi....

I don't know why, now a days I donot get sleep till alte in the night, it takes a real effort on my part to get some sleep and that is why I feel lazy in office and then have a nap after lunch in Lab it self...some how our lab has become notorious for this...Ppl coming and completing there afternoon nap... :) I dont know how come everybody in office knows about it....Now a days ppl from different teams come to us for a permanent appointment for power nap in Lab :)

anyhow that is how the office is going and at home O lord !! all-together different drama....2 weeks back I was fighting to get a proper rentable house in chennai, now when I got one, there is another tension of furnishing it....As of now the problem is if I furnish it well, like the way I want to ...I shall be shelling out sth in the range of a lakh ...but then till when I shall be here in chennai....The problem is that if I am at India office, I am not profitable...or say not so much profitable for these I am here so that I get married ASAP and kicked out of the nation to earn the fight is huge...too much internal fight is going on too much of confusions and too many options...

Another fight is also there...I have started feeling that I need someone to talk to....Since I was living alone...the mobile bills have shot upto 7k per month...every week i shall have a prepaid card of 1500/- and finish it off...talking home, to so called friends and then finally only 3-4 friends with whom I can chit chat anytime and about mask nothing....

Let's see how to settle this....Lately i was hearing this term...CTC- Cost to Company...then I coined the term...CTY - Cost to yourself....How much one spends in a month to keep oneself happy and delighted...In my case this CTY is huge....ppl's greater than the CTC of huge of Software Engineers...But even then there is huge fight to be happy and chuckling :)

Some new freshers joined the team....O Lord!! the Aptitude level is getting degraded like anything....Ppl donot even know what's the voltage rating we get in house ...when one guy claimed that we get 240 V DC ...I lost control and scolded the whole batch...It's been after 2 year approx that I have lost my TEMPER....I felt bad for 2 days that I lost it....anyhow but after this it took almost a week so that these freshers gain confidence to come and talk freely...after some of these have to take my tasks someday....

Today I am planning to go for Dandiya... :) Lets see how it goes !!


  1. Jaane kanha gaye woh din, kehte the teri raah mein nazron ko hum bichanyenge... Even I think some times to me..
    Those days were so fun, we used to wait for each others post & make a point to comment..

    Baad me aa gaye darar..

    Nashe mein kon nahin hai mujhe batayo jara, kise hai hosh mere saamne to layo jara.... Aap Dhoondte rahe javoge..

    I don't know why, now a days I donot get sleep till late in the nightKya baat hai? Meri neend jaane lagi hai meri chein khone laga hai
    Mujhe ishq hone laga hai mujhe ishq hone laga hai

    Furnishing the rented house does not make sense..Keep only essential stuff.

    Or decide fast where u want to spend your life, buy own apartment & furnish..(I dont think chennai u prefer;)

    CTY is big issue.. Instead of Monthly fixed salary company should bare all the expenses.. ha ha ha.. Char din me Company ke paas thala karedne ke liye bhi paisa nahi rahega..

    Today I am planning to go for Dandiya. Hey Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
    Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol..

    Me too played yesterday Dhandia in our office.. Today plans with friends to play..

    Happy Nav Ratri.. Enjoy :)

  2. [BnB] - Wow what a comment !!

    its been a really long time since I had comment like that....

    Thanx...lagta ab kuch dhung se postings karni padengi ...kaafi din dormant reh liye

  3. hey..
    no doubt dil dhondta hay woh fursat key rat din...
    plz pray for us all..