Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday and Happy Karvachauth

Yesternight Syed Shastri D Khan called in middle of the night to inform me that today is his birthday...I smiled on my ignorance and stubborness for not maintianing a Birthday book...coz I always thought its too much of a trouble to look each day if somebdy birthday is today or not.

Normally its a tradition in our group to declare whenever one's birthday arrives...though there is a lot which doesnot follow this...but then they are the only one's who keep of us who declare are always happier...

So today is Shastri's Birthday...Shastri is not his family name or sth...its a given name and in technical Security Domain he is known as Syed Shastri D Khan :)

So Shastri Dear happy wala birthday hai jee ...

May ur fridge is always full of Beer,
May ur cupboard is always full of Scotch,
May ur pocket always has a pack of Cig,
May ur lighter always be flaming,
May ur wallet is always full of Cash (so that we can always have parties)
May ur Messenger Girl friend today says "I Love You"
May ur Next Cubicle gorgeous girl come to you with smiling face and ....Rest its yr respo and despo to make up the story,
May u are able to put more Fire in the Fire,

Next in line is this "Happy Karvachauth" Phenomenon...Early morning "Sandy Paaji aka Gabber" Fame called up and wished me this...I was like why and how come...He said,"Arre kisi RFC mein thode he likha ki ye couples ke liye he hota hai, hum chahte hain yaar dost aur jiyein so here it is "Happy Karvachauth""

Bus phir kya tha...humne bhi saare yaar doston ko phuniya diya with exclaimations of "Happy Karvachauth" and for the common friends who know me and was easy to Paaji ne bola hai Happy karvachauth hai to hai...kya fight hai...

So phir Folks "Happy Karvachauth" - May the sense for caring for others always survive. Give a new meaning to this day....For friendship this is the day :)


  1. Happy Birthday to ur friend Shastri on behalf of me tooo..

    I also add some wishlist to Shastri

    May your Razai is always be full of Rum..
    May your washing machine be full of Vodka

    May you have your own Bar

    So Hirdu u are keeping Karvachauth for your friends... Good one...

  2. Same to u hirdu, got ur message yesterday night :)

  3. [BnB] Shastri has extends his thanx a ton for your wishes..

    [Prashant] - Long time now Posts Why ?