Monday, October 17, 2005

!! Going home to Sleep !!

It's been such a long time, since I have slept at home.

Oct 4th, 2005 Completed full one year of being out of the house. Completed full one of sleeping without sleep. Completed full one year of living like a broken leaf......

Leaving to Delhi, on 29th Oct. Shall reach around 1600 hrs...shall be picked by few near friends and shall dash to TGIF, Priya. - hirdu in Delhi means party time...and its a party from happens in Style...Trying hard to make sure that all my friends with whom I desire to sit and drink and enjoy and talk and ...and ...and...shall be there around 1700 till 2200 hrs...and later :)

2 of the friends have finalised there wud be life partners and one another is blessed with a new born.

30th Oct Midnight shall start to the place where my parents the remotes of UP. Train shall be...shall be reaching early morning....

This trip is altogether different from the one I had in July...That one was full of roaming here & there...meeting all and sundry present and available...So many places were visited and a lot were met at there comfortable time

This one is about sleep...I shall reach on 31st morning. 1 Nov is diwali and then I shall be spending rest of the week, sleeping till I am bored of the phenomenon, shall be woken up by Mom.

Talks and Talks with Mom Dad and my Bro...Just 4 of us shall be running around the cities...Full aaram ki jindagi till the clock strucks Midnight on 5th..

5th Oct I shall start travel back to "MAD-RASH" of Chennai. Shall be reaching back on 7th and I believe, this sleep shall at last rejuvinate me.


  1. Dont tell me, you haven't gone home from 1 year..

    hirdu, Happy stay @ Home. Have lots & lots of fun.


  2. Ya that's true, I visited home on Diwali last Year...

    In July, I met my parents but not at home...we were at holy Ganges to meet.

  3. hirdu in Delhi means party time...and its a party from happens in Style...

    We are eagerly waiting for you, it has been long time dear. We delhi guys really miss you very much.

  4. Have a wonderful time,and not fair that only Delhi friends get the treat from Hirdu,why not anyone from Hyderabad getting it? no plans for coming to hyd?

  5. [Sandeep] - Just hold a little...I shall be there :) I know man !!Life is just like that...But y its like that...anyhow..part of the game...

    [Akruti] - Thanx a lot !! Hyderabad shall also get glimpse of me during 2 or 3rd weekend of Nov :) then we shall have party over there...Be there then...