Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Golden Thoughts, Shopping Spree....

It was completely BoldnBeautiful's fault...Ya Ya... She is the culprit and She is supposed to be blamed...GRRRR !!! She was the one who supported my point of view of "diwali or no till you drop..." and here I am...over past 2 months the shopping bill has crossed a Lakh by a very fair margin...Ye folks more than a lakh of hard earned income has been just shopping...

The current CC bill is more than 50K..and though there is euphoria, a sense of gratification, and thoughts of Being able to hold Life like Hirdu has always holded..what I have bought for myself...A single pair of Nike shoes (Rs 1049/-) and a pair of T-Shirt (Rs 249/- each) ... then where is all the money being spent :)....

Well, I hope it's well spent...Gold this time somehow Mesmerised me :) so a chunk is spent in that...and then since I am going home, thus there is whole stroller full of Sarees and Gifts to Mom and Dad...and there is my naughty brother....and again he is at the Receiving end...Arre Yaar uska Bird-day that 14 Oct ko and me being the "BIG Brother" something has to go to him also...and then I was about to shift the house and for me the most important place is Kitchen so it's supposed to be fully furnished...and Utensils are so costly now a days....

2 Vessels of "Futura" costed more than 1500/- and then since I wanted a Induction plate for cooking this came out to be near 5k...still after spending more then 17K for kitchen alone...there are things I forgot to buy last weekend :((

anyhow the list is pretty long...But there is bit of Respite... "BoldnBeautiful" has promised all sponsred evening at "Barista" with all expenses paid for Baskin Robbins ice-cream, whenever we meet.

Grrrr !! Anyhow though this Shopping has completly burned my wallet...there is a sense of gratification and ME BEING BACK..

So Guys and Gals, "Spend today, coz what if there is no tommorow"


  1. Happy Diwali hirdu... Let this diwali bring great joy & I pray that your shopping bill increase double by next year.. I mean two person shop together.:):)( I think u got na)

    "Spend today, coz what if there is no tommorow" I wont take this, because u got gold stuff etc etc... Now tell me what is cooking Hirdu? ;);)

    BTW gold is investment..Gold price is shooting up like anything in June gold cost 5800 per 10 gms now it is 6700 per 10 gms..

    guys spend on liquor & party thousand's they dont feel bad, but some necessary one's so much fuss..

    BTW while shopping u should remember friends too.. Once I told my friend.. he said ya, ya I will remember u while paying the bill phew

  2. Ofcourse, I will sponser at Barista, it is real pleasure to do so for a friend like u. :)

    Money is meant to earn & also spent.. But moments & happiness will always get deposited in memory bank.:)

  3. I will not say if i agree with your views on my post or not..but nonetheless well expressed thoughts.. :)

    by da way i cant wait to start spending dat much from my hard earned money ! :p

  4. [BnB] - :)

    [Aastha] - Definately thy shall and pretty soon