Tuesday, October 25, 2005

4 laws of Project


  1. LOLzzzz
    4 laws of Project w.r.t Girl's View

    On comic Note
    Law 1:- When the hand some guy is in other Project, he looks more handsome
    Law 2:- When the same handsome guy join my project, he looks so dumb, not so happening sort
    Law3 :- When the handsome guy join our project, instead of extra resource, he is burden to project, Always he uses his hands more to stylofy his hair than coding..
    Law4:- In the remote case if any handsome join other project, the following scenarios are likely

    ----- He is big flirt, giving a stare at you.
    ------His attention is always on other projects
    ------He will spend more time in Canteen line marofying girls

    on serious note
    Dont you know the other side of the fence is more greener ;)

  2. I wish i had these laws earlier when thr wr thousands of projects flooding me last yr !! :p

  3. ...and now having been proved an NPA for my project group members here in MBA, I guess I'l try them once i get placed in an (unfortunate :p ) company.

  4. Hehehehe

    In my case the handsome guy in my group is a dry finance major!
    *losing hope* ;)