Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Mobile - HTC Diamond

Finally at last, I departed from my 4 year old Nokia 3125 on Reliance connection to HTC Diamon on Airtel...

At Present both of us (Me and my Mobile) are busy to know each other :) 

With change of Mobile and Mobile no. there is a lot to do...Publish new number, Get it changes in Bank Accounts, Professional Contact, Relatives....Oh lord...then sync the phone book..(a huge task)

Tonight we both will battle and rattle with each other ...I hope we both be in perfect sync by tomorrow...morning :) he he he ....

Lemme enjoy the change after 4 long years....

Some might wanna know Why HTC ..well :) HTC is Hirdu's Tele Connection :) he he he 

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