Friday, October 24, 2008

Doob Gaya Doob Key ye Choor ho gaya

Sensex touching newer Lows....Stock market has touched 8K mark....

Oh Lord....No body knows...where will it stop....All the heights seems impossible now...

Ananlysts who were saying invest ...invest ...and showing the bright pic at the beginning of the year...are now trying to find places to hide....

I am trying to laugh at bunch of my Intelligent friends who told me to invest and I invested :( ....just out of greed....FDs had been my favourite, yet I entered in market and now I am neck deep into losses....

But Folks ...this is India....and we still have hope...." Dil Dukha hai lekin...Toota to nahin hai...Umeed ka daaman choota to nahin hai" - "The heart is bleeding ...but its not broken yet...We still hold fingers of hope" ....I know I have to wait....and keep looking at the market blowing itself down for another year....

My shortterm investment became the long term and now I am looking at the longest term .... :(

Anyways....Life is like that...Now no more investment...Only spendings on good food, clothes, malls, tours and travels....for next few months I shall spend my salary on all the things I was waiting to spend on...Lets enjoy the salary on life...

Mantra is "Spend on Life...Do not Invest in Life and keep waiting...."

The only good thing I have right now that I do not have any loans on my head...No EMIs to be I am now going to chill and enjoy every bit of life...


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  2. :) yes thats the talk of the world I suppose to town :)
    Many of them have lost and they have lost in such a way that's similar what people go through during their divorces :D
    But the thing is they lost everything but not wife...
    jokes apart it is bad sitution didnt know it hit there too
    Good Luck