Saturday, October 04, 2008

Indian Idol - ?? Nach Baliye ??, Comedy Circus ??

What are we trying to do ??

ये देश शायद अब गवईयों ओर नाच्कयिओं का देश बनेगा
मसखरे ही idol बनेगे हमारे
schools में students अब IIT, Medical, college में IIMs की तयारी नहीं करेंगे
बल्कि सडकों पर अब coaching institutes खुलेंगे "Wanna Crack Indian Idol....Join the new batch starting today..."
20% discount on Fees, if you can laugh like Siddhu"...
Couples will see if the other can matkayo the kamer coz the other might have chance in Nach Baliye - Jodi of the year...

What the Fuc* ???
and we call it the awakening of the nation....Awakening to what...Second hand voice of india singing the same age old composed song of mid 60's and that too in crumpled copied voice...


  1. The channels have a long line of these shows because the advertisers are asking for them. The advertisers believe that they know what sells. But since the recent financial crisis, I have lost whatever little remaining faith I had in the infallibility of the "market" giving a solution to everything.

  2. I totally agree with you on this dear! I keep wondering what has happen to the standard of India TV shows.
    It's another comedy when we think of the all together.
    Good wrote about it...or else I was going to :)
    Thanks, and cheers