Friday, February 02, 2007

Where was I ?

Well, I was shifting house....Oh lord what a task it is....pack up everything...and then try to fix up every stuff....

The present condition is half of my stuff is lying at one friend's house and other half at other friend's home where I am why all the stuff and me are not at one place ... :) reason is simple...I didn't got the house to shift...still woodwork et al stuff is going on....

anyhow...what I was writing about....So since I have not fixed up things in new home...I shall talk about packing up the things....

Packing the household stuff in carton boxes...its almost like packing your life into boxes....each book, each utensil, each painting, each photograph from the wall, each and every piece from the show-case when it's picked's like you are picking a piece of life that was glowing with grace in the home and trying to pack it up into those dead cardboard boxes...yes it feels like all the synergy which was associated with the home is slowly & slowly getting engulfed by the ugly brown boxes...

Each moment which is spent in the house, I have ever left seems to be eternity, each memory seems to surround me, trying to pull me back and then fill in each pore in my heart with sentiments.

Anyhow....I am still a bit far from my own abode and the feel is slowly moving to become a goal.


  1. I do agree .. Packing things and shifting to another place is hectic :( But why are u comparing life with lifeless things??? Are u too sentimental?

    Anyway..All the Very best for u to shift without any further Problems :-)

  2. [asha] - these lifeless things only synergise and bring in the life altogether... :)