Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is it Real ?

Today is obviously May 12, 2048 - he is supposed to celebrate 70th birthday...but he is not...he never planned for it...he always believed he shall not live more that 40-45 years....but somehow...somewhere...something went wrong and too much correct and he continued to live...

:) teaser again...but this time I am gonna finish it :)


  1. Scene :-Hirdu is sitting in nana nani's park with his dozen grand kids.

    I am also taking stroll with my grand kids.

    I happen to see him on May 12, 2048 . I will take one bouquet & go near Hirdu dadaji.
    "Hidhu happy buthday "( I have pronouncation problem because of artificial teeths)

    "thank you, par koun hai"(Hirdu trying hard to make out who is this?)

    "aap muje bhool gaye, I, me, my wild thoughts"
    "aap muje bhool sakte ho, par mai aapko kabhi nahi bhool sakti,kaise bhool sakti hoon, aapne Kitne "promos" leeke the, mai aapka posting ka intezaar karte karte budhi ho gayi " he he he

  2. i was also dreaming about 2050 these days!

    hope to see you then.

    i am planning a delhi visit around that time.

  3. Happy Valentine's day

    when u gonna finish this post?

    2048 is approching huh

  4. it seems we are gonna read the teaser in 2048.


  5. ooops....Oh man...everybody seems angry with me .....hmmmm

    actually got busy with life ....settling long worries I shall be back on Monday....definately....

  6. dont be so busy that you miss out of other important things/stuffs of life.
    This is just another realization, since you said Bangalore is the city of realization...happens to just another that dawned me.
    (after watching CLICK)