Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reaching Swades...Reaching MY OWNSELF

Tommorow Night around 0000 hours, I shall leave US of A and I shall be flying back to my homeland..to Reach My very own Des, My Swades. Shall be touching Chennai Grounds on March 16, 2005 at 2300 Hrs...Shall be respiring in My Own Swades's Warm, humid, enchanting air.

Thereon I shall be leaving myself to collect MY OWNSELF, and shall be busy in doing so.

Shall try to be in touch with you, though I cannot confirm how much. The onus this time shall lie on you to be in touch.

The gmailid shall be the most prompt and reachable as it has always been. Rest shall be visible through my blog purple

Till we meet again it's Good Bye and Good luck.

This is the mail written to all the folks I know around the globe so that they are aware of my co-ordinates :)

So folks Happy Holi ...Coz apni to iss baar Flight mein hogi....

Shall be posting about my Packer's and Travellor's Anxiety soon...


  1. Welcome back mate. We techie wander all over the world for money and no matter how much wealth we accumulate we find solace in India only...
    MatrixedNeo blogging @ http://matrixedneo.blogspot.com/

  2. Welcome back Hirdu.

    apni to iss baar Flight mein hogi....With beautiful Air hostess.

    Last year we could not find color in Essex, so every one were like offbeat.
    Giving up is not in my genes.I suggested we can play with turmeric(haldi). My colleagues liked the idea.It was a special Holi at my place.

    This year will me very very special holi for me :)

  3. Welcome back from Pardes,paarth.
    You'll celebrate holi in flight ?
    Just imagines attenders in colors. LOL !!
    And they serving Bhaang ?
    In the place we live, there's no sign of colors.