Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh Lord What an arrival !!!

Arrived as scheduled and destined on Thrusday night i.e March 16, 2006 at Chennai Airport....and O Lord !!! What an arrival it is....

Since the night I landed...Its more hectic schedule than the one imposed on me in California... :(

I donno why everywhere ppl assume me to be superman, even though I never wear my underpants out and they are never Red in color :(

anyhow....Travelled to Bangalore and had a long superb coffee talk with one gud friend of mine known as Yogi across the Globe in Protocols domain :) Cafe Coffee Day, M.G Road ...I recorded it all those who are interested can mail me and I shall mail it accross to you...It's a ultimate dialogue between me and Him on issues like Career, Marriage, and normal Managment Affairs...

The Killer one liner generated was "Don't Pass the Monkey...Kill the monkey"

kher...returned back on monday to chennai and on thrusday evening I took a flight to Delhi and now I am in NCR Zone catching my Ownself ....Oh Lord still heck of travelling needs to done before I reach my abode to sleep and relax....Returning back on 3rd March...

There is lot to be posted about Bangy Bash, Delhi Delites, Lovely Jet Airways Flight ;) and then again about lengthy chinwag with my newly wedded friends and their wives :) he he he....

I shall try my best to keep you all posted....Some senti stuff is boiling in Drafts and some hilarious stuff is trying to peek out of it :) lets see what comes and how....

So folks I am back to blog and this time....I am planning to beat Indiatimes editions....


  1. "Returning back on 3rd March..."


  2. hirdu
    Cafe day talk was hillarious. Ijust could not control laughing hhehehe. I wish I was there.

    Shaadi barbaadi ha ha ha.

    ek bhavna mil jaye tho shaadi kar le. ha ha ha Bhavna tho roz milti hai na.( feelings).

    ha ha ha cool one.

  3. Be back soon.

    shall comment again on these clips.

    My part is still awaited

  4. Lets hear if u did kill the monkey instead of passing :)

    good luck