Friday, March 10, 2006

arre tu hai to kya hai gum

If Thy is there, then why the heck I care,
If thy is there, then why the heck I fear,

So dear who is this Thy :) for me its me.. and nobody other than me....Till I am alive....I am at least there for myself :)

Isiliye Kitne bhi tu ker le situm, Hus Hus ke sahenge hum, Ye pyar na hoga kum...Sanam Teri Kasam....

and jaante ho when I repeated these words....Today morning, when I was coming out of Shower, the mirror was in front of me :) and don't know why I smiled again looking at myself...and then there was and mean me....and finally all is cool ....

Coz Jab duniya keh sakti hai ki...

When Hirdu is here then why the heck you fear
When Hirdu is here then thy shall be in right gear...

So iss baar my funda is in loopback mode pump in what I desire the most...My Smile :)

Isliye sathiyo...Jinda raho jindagi ke liye...Live for the life, enjoy the phenomenon of being alive...

Live for the fragrance of lilly and jasmine (names of the gals living next door :)
Live for the aroma of the being alive...
Live for the touch of the breeze flowing through your hairs,
Live for the twinkle of eyes, apearing each morning as you gaze in the eyes of sun,
Live for the craft, this globe creates around you, to prove that its alive,
Live for the soul, coz you are responsible for your own soul

so folks smile today and live...coz you are here for yourself...If you donot feel that way...and see I am here for you :) look out of your window and just see how closely life is watch you anticipating thy hand, anticipating thy mercy...just a wink from your eye, a bit of smile will do it...

So today walk closely around your office, house, chambers, coridors...and as you walk...look eye to eye at Life and wink at it :) thy shall find smile winking back to you.


  1. :) for a change sentiyappa se hasmukh lal ban gaya hai hirdu.

    Good post. live...coz you are here for yourself... thatz so true.

    I am happy at last u realised this

  2. After a long long time i liked a post for its simplicity,and thankyou, kitna hi mushkil ho zindagi,ek muskurahat bahuth kuch badaltha hain,aur shayad ye muskurahat rehjaaye hamesha keliye? kya pata,sapne sach hote hain,hain na?