Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Posting from 24 Hr Sify at Chennai

Hi Hui Folks,

So after long long hops and longer naps and more longer oogles, finally reached Chennai...

after a shower and thodi si pet puja here it is ...Hirdu is posting from Chennai...


  1. mati ki khushboo aye...:)
    i just love this shnas song...ankhon mein sapnay liye hum ghar sey chal tu diya..
    nd wener some pardesi reaches hsi place its like..mati ki khushboo aye...:)

  2. [Unaiza] - Today, the breakfast bread was crisp, Jam was Jammy, water was wet, sky was high, ground was mine. Everything is so much Mine and all is so full of delight.

    [deb] - kash ki ye NRI status hota :)

  3. Oye hoye...waapas aa gaye,pardesiya :D.

    The weather must be awesome...yahan,in hyd,it's raining day and night.It's so pleasant...:)

    Chalo,good...have a nice time with ur nearies and dearies :)

  4. Hirdu....where are you ? [does that sound like "scooby doo where are you?]

    Now , don't tell us that you are way too busy [even though you should be,as per your schedule goes...]

  5. Looks like we met in the sky half way across?

    Do you miss the pardesh?