Friday, July 01, 2005

Everybody says, "I am Fine"

Long long back I saw this movie, Everybody says,"I am fine" at PVR Anupam in Delhi. I was with one of the very good friend of mine. While watchin the movie, as a typical Hirdu, I got senti. I won't say I enjoyed the movie, coz there was no joy in the movie, It was full of so many emotions.


Now I am wondering, how should I approach toward my life back in my Swades. What should be the face of the Hirdu returning back to India. I cannot keep the true face, I cannot keep the face I had on me when I left it 6 months back. So much has happened in the past 6 months now and I have to keep an updated face.

Life can be a bit bitchy...but so are we individuals living it.

yesterday for the first time in my life I watch a full Tamil Movie "Anniyan" with my roomies. Though I didn't know the language, but I was getting the nitty gritty of the movie. All Indian movies are pretty simple to understand. :) I think I should watch more movies other than the movies in Hindi. Should go with friends, who know the lingo. what say....

life is changing a lot now a days, everyday there is new equation to be settled...lets see how far I am able to manage...


  1. I dont understand why you are getting so senti these days. Kuch hua kya? Man can run away from people, but one cannot runaway from self. I can say this much, Be true to yourself.

    look around, How some people shamelessly live thier life. For such people just thier life & happiness is important. Even those people can live peacefully, why u are at guilt. I am sure u might not have done anywrong to others.

  2. Well, Een I donno why...what the heck I desire now !! totally confused is the key word...After I left preperation for CAT, there had been no motto to live for.

    After quitting it, I started running for money and its been almost a year now...and there is nothing more...