Monday, July 25, 2005

!! Back to Square One !!

So folks here I am again.... back to square One... :) Hirdu Reporting from Chennai headquaters :).

Arrived today afternoon...had lunch with my friend and his lovely wife. Finally came to office at 4 PM :) I was scheduled to arrive in the morning anyhow....chalta hai...ab to home grounds per hain na....

350 mails !!! phew.....official mails to be read.....O Lord !! ppl donot have anything else to do except for writing these dumb official mails ...grrrr !!!

Anyhow... All creativity shall be spilled tommorow ...abhi to I have to rush home and start doing the stuffs....Just wait for the night and all beans shall start spilling from tomorrow....

I have to go through lot of blogs also....ppl were writing at the speed of light... (some time back Debalina said so).... :)


  1. Me first to comment he he he

    Welcome back to Chennai. Hope u are through ur jet lag by now.

    God shower all his blessing to withstand the heat of Chennai too ha ha