Friday, May 08, 2009

Reasoning Previous posts in Hindi

You might have wondered, Why back to back posts in hindi and that too, a bit tougher ones....well here is the reason :)

1. I was not able to post from a long time.
2. There were many issues going around.
3. During that time, I read too much of Hindi literature (Ardhnarishwar - Vishnu Prabhakar, Agatsya katha, Yudh, Abhigyan - all 3 by Narendra kohli)

All the above had combined effect....

1. I start talking more in hindi and at times my wife gave puzzled look at me, trying to find meaning out of my diction :)
2. even my thought process started to bring in tough to tougher hindi words while I think...
3. finally I needed some place to vent the feel out ...and blog is nearest way for me...

so guy what can I say... in Hindi we say "Ab Bhugto" - अब भुगतो

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