Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bangalore on Sunday Morning

So Folks...at last after almost one and a half year, I was finally able to say get set go to what I wanted to when I came to bangalore in 2006.....

Task was simple and straight....Pick the Camera ...Start in the morning with a friend on the roads of bangalore and keep clicking ...

So we started at 7 AM in the morning and kept clicking almost everywhere... We got lost twice on the roads ....and were totally puzzled half the time on whether to go straight on the road or to turn the free left :)

Anyhow...the trip was funtastic...and ended finally at a Barista....with my Fav. Espresso Italiano and my fav Cafe Mocha....Superb Coffees they have ....


  1. That photo with label "Some mall" with a SKC title is from J.C road is it not??? Well,if it is so then you could have just come down another 100mtrs and said hello to me in that college where i work:))))))

  2. Wow beautiful Pic.

    Reminds my my homeland.
    Its so nice to see the Boards in Kannada.

  3. You were on BTM layout and then you went straight towards BSK, isn't it ?

    I know those roads. So near to my place !!