Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cleaning Messenger Lists

Finally I decided to move away from long long messenger lists. Today I cleared all those people from messenger list, who never come online or remain in so called "invisible mode" or in status like "I am not here right now" ...WTF...if you not here, then where are you....and whereever are you....then be there :)

Invisible mode is a disgusting idea...I don't know why the heck we have it in the first place.

Now my messanger list on yahoo, gtalk, skype on which I am always online looks pretty much clean and online sorted. :)

There are many benefits of having clean messenger list. One of them is that the application becomes lighter on your desktop. Less updates for the people on list to be sent to the server, less traffic on my fragile internet connection, less archiving, and only those people appear who are online.

One more thing, before cleaning you can set your stealth setting to be invisible for the person you are delete and then delete it forever. :) this solves a lot.

Just by cleaning yahoo, it is now taking less memory in my RAM...From 68MB, it has come down to 11MB.


  1. From now on I will give a attendence buzz, so that my id is not deleted he he he

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  3. The problem with my list is, especially yahoo one, I don't even know who is who. Weird ids, unrelated names, like some ABC and XYZ and most of the guys, have ids with name Raj.
    The Raj phenomenon almost have raj over my yahoo list.
    Personally, I find yahoo very slow and kicks me out every now and then.