Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sahaare ;)

Zaroori to nahin ki jeene ke liye sahaare ho,

Zaroori to nahin hum jinke hain woh bhi humare ho,
Kuch kashtiyaan doob bhi jayaa karti hain,
Zaroori to nahin har kashti ke liye kinaare ho

Now the answer for above

Kiss "BKL" ko jaroorat hai sahaare ki,
Jinhe jaroorat hoti hai woh "MCBC" hote hain.
Achchaa hua doob gai humari kashti beech mein,
kinaare to log baithe ker "G" dhote hain.

folks, above is not original creation of mine, long time back, somebody forwarded it our mailing list :). but it's still very relevant, Hats off for whomsoever wrote the answer . Also, do not ask me what's the expansion of words in capital. Every engineers knows the expansion, so if you do not know it, find any engineer near to you and ask him.

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  1. Kya aap Engineer hain....pls expand the acronymns....bahut torture hain agar Engineers ke paas nahin baithe pls do