Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day to Dream and Indian Ocean

Looking for a day to Dream, sipping coffee and Indian Ocean (Kandisa and/or Black Friday) playing loud as Hell's own voice in the foreground.

How simple are the desires to keep me happy all the time, you yourself can visualize from the desire in first line :)

People across the globe find it easy to dream while they sleep, but unfortunately or say luckily day-dreaming is considered a virtue in itself...

Day dreaming makes you roam in the uncharted waters where you want to be always, and dreams in night carves an illusion as if you are there in those uncharted waters.

Dreams during the day has the ability to transform to reality at some point in time and space whereas dreams of night just goof up your mind to create false happiness.

So folks let us dream....sipping coffee (Caffine Kick at CCD or with Espresso italiano - Grande at Barista) with Indian Ocean playing loud in ears..vibrating thy soul...promising those dreams to become reality..:)

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