Monday, March 19, 2007

Alapana Arrives in bangalore

Alapana of Another New Day fame has finally arrived in Bangalore...

This post is supposed to welcome her :). She belongs to Hyderabad...I know she shall be missing Hyderabad too much...but dear....Life's like that....Change is the only constant in here...

I know She must be cribbing about pathetic traffic and road conditions...a bit faster life ...too much pollution....unknown surroundings but than at the same time...She shall have access to fundoo Malls...busy roads...hectic schedules...the IT city shall soon take over her and than she shall be accustomed to the whatever is here...

Anyhow....Welcome Alapana....If Mumbai is city of Dreams...than Bangalore is City of Realization...Every day you realize something or the other... :)

Soon you shall realize that though the cost is high, expense are shall be capacity to realize you dreams.... :)

Enjoy :)


  1. Shukriya dost, it sure made me smile,but then the sadness threatens not to go away,in the past ten or so days whenever i tried to venture out i was welcomed by enormous traffic and i am not a shopping malls kind of person,i do love to interact with people at more of a personal level,be it my sabziwala or dhobi and when i go to buy even flowers at the mandir i smile at the lady there and become friends,but this city scares me,ppl seem to be just busy and no time for anything else,i am yet to have atleast a glimpse of my neighbor and yet to know the name of the watchman,and fundoo malls seem funny,the kind of ppl there seem to mock at the simple culture or normal people in this city.
    Well,at the end of it i know its all about how you see it,at some corner there is still a life which i would love,there are simple people who would love to be invited home rasther than to a pizzahut and who would love to listen to music and chat away sitting in the hall instead of being at a pub on weekends, i found a maid who loves to talk to me,i found a sabziwala who enquires if i like his vegetalbes or not and i found a corner shop fellow who recognizes me suggests me what to buy and someone else who tells me where i can find the best music and how not to travel in autos,well,life is all about adapting and i am trying my best,I already know expenses are high,cost is high,so i make my plans accordingly,i dont like spending my money just like that,i know its imp,let ppl say whatever they want,this hyderabadi is going to be the same even here too:) and this city is going to get used to me the way i am:)
    Thanku hirduji,felt good reading the post and today i am going back to Hyderabad for some work,will be back in a couple of days,shall meet soon.

  2. heyy just now i read alapana's blog..and now was so sweet of u to dedicate a entire blog for her..:)

  3. [alapana] - hmmmm...but slowly thy shall be able to find the same level of comfort...but just be a bit careful :)

    [dimple] - well....this is what is yaari dosti :)