Friday, March 20, 2009

May you live in interesting times

This post was in drafts since 2006....I have already forgotten what it was about...but anyways...there are 2 interesting thoughts in it.

Thy shall have people believe that whatever is not RIGHT is WRONG...But folks if you look around a bit, thy shall discover that...whatever is not RIGHT is either LEFT or Straight। So folks whenever in life you find that something is not Right then try to look around and thy shall discover that there is either something to your Left or you just have to move straight a bit and then thy shall never fall in trap of RIGHT & WRONG.

Initially, I desired not to tell you about it...but I feel till I write about it...I wont be able to continue... "Mind Fucking" ;) Intersting topic...Isn't it. Well, I have met very few ppl who mastered this art...When they talk...They F*ck...really...They tamper your thoughts to the parameters you never have imagined and then slowly and slowly they mould you the way they desired. Incredible isn't it...Too much of strategy goes into it...anyhow...talks about it shall come later...

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