Monday, January 06, 2014

it's brand New Year, brand new zeal, and brand new joy

~ New Year 2014 begins. There is so much to continue, so much to begin, so much to complete, so much to cherish & so much to enjoy...

The joyful journeys to connect and enjoy began as 2013 was coming to closure. It's the travels - I regained my enthusiasm and zeal. There were no more confusions, apprehensions and hesitations. Middle of Dec 2013, it began with fantastic views of Narmada @ Jabalpur, (M.P) with year concluding at Shimla (H.P).

The new year is waking up at warm, sunny and always delightful Bangalore (Karnataka). A fantastic new start and I am loving it.

~ enjoying the morning ride to my friends office, blogging, sipping tea on the way....

any how folks, before I miss any's a wonderful start to a brand New Year, brand new zeal, and brand new joy....

- Enjoy the great New Year 2014 ahead

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