Thursday, July 11, 2013

100 days 100 blogs

Yes, my dear friends...this is another new feather on the's been a long time since I blogged aggressively and it's been longer than usual time since I felt happy.

Today, I realised - somehow I am restrained from expressing myself, which is pushing me in corner; I am reacting too hard on situations. So what's the solution - well as we all know there are 3 ways of getting any stuff done - The Right Way, The Not-So-Right Way & the Hirdu's way.

so here it is - the initiative of 100 Days - 100 blogs. Now the bigger question is where will these 100 blogs be it all on purple, :) Well this 100 is total count of blog post published on all my blogs. simple !!!

so watch out folks - Hirdu is back again (as if I have gone somewhere ;)  - what's the fun if there isn't any pun ;)

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