Sunday, March 24, 2013

अब हम खड़े हो गए हैं, अब हम और डरायेंगे।।

A good movie, a good dialogue & wonderful thought !!! 

It's a thought that illustrates...rebuild, reaffirmation to a dream seen with open eyes in broad daylight...

It a message to those who had mocking eyes on helplessness...they are being told here ...that helplessness is no the ego stands in clear...confidence is back...

It's natural selection & survival of the fittest...I am the fittest and I will the one to folks be-aware... ;)

इसलिए :
अब हम खड़े हो गए हैं, अब हम और डरायेंगे।। - Now that I have stood up, I will now scare further.
- dialogue Hindi Movie - 'Saheb Biwi & Gangster returns'

- note: english translation is for illustration purpose only for those who cannot read hindi, I know translation ruins the prowess of original dialogue.

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